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Below you’ll find our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don’t see an answer to then please contact us.

Can SeizAlarm detect seizures?

It can detect seizure-like/abnormal movement and/or elevated heart rate and automatically notify emergency contacts.

Detection is done using either the sensors on the iPhone or the Apple Watch. Using the sensors on the Watch is more accurate and using the Watch also allows you the option of heart rate based detection which isn't available with the iPhone alone.

We make no claims regarding accuracy of detection, but we do offer sensitivity controls within the app so that you are able to customize it for yourself.

SeizAlarm does not convert your iPhone or Apple Watch into a medical device and is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, monitoring, prevention, or treatment of disease.

Can SeizAlarm predict or prevent seizures?

Unfortunately it cannot. The app can only detect seizure-like motion or elevated heart rate once a possible seizure has started.

What is the difference between the “Help Request” and “Time Delayed Help” actions?

The “Help Request” button should be used if you feel a need for immediate assistance. The “Time Delayed Help” button can be used if you have frequent mild to moderate auras (simple-partial seizures), but not all lead to tonic-clonic seizures. Using this button starts a timer for a delayed help request. If the delayed help request is not ended manually by the user after user controlled set period of time, then a help request is sent to your emergency contacts. This options can also be used if you are experiencing any other symptoms you believe could be a precursor to a seizure.

Does SeizAlarm support multiple emergency contacts?

Yes! You will be asked for the contact information of the primary contact when signing up as it is required that you have a least one emergency contact. After signup you are able to manage and add additional contacts within the app.

How will emergency contacts be notified and what will they receive?

Emergency contacts will receive a text message, email and phone call letting them know the user needs help with the GPS coordinates of where the user is located. You have complete control over which contact methods are used for each contact.

How quickly will emergency contacts be notified?

Speed varies on carrier signal strength and connectivity of both the SeizAlarm user as well as their emergency contacts. Also, the user can control the delay for the “Time Delayed Help” button within the settings.

What if a help request is accidentally sent or needs to be cancelled?

Once a help request is sent, you can cancel the help request and emergency contacts will be notified that help is no longer required. If the user has initiated a delayed help request via the use of the “Time Delayed Help” button and the user ends the request before the delay period has transpired, then no notification will be sent to the emergency contacts.

Do I have to have an Apple Watch for SeizAlarm to work?

No, the Watch adds the convenience of being able to request immediate help and initiate time delayed help requests from your wrist. Using the Watch also allows more accurate motion detection and the extra option of detecting elevated heart rate.

Which phones work with SeizAlarm?

Currently we have support for the iPhone 5 and above running iOS 8+.

Is SeizAlarm secure?

Yes! Data sent to and from the iPhone and Apple Watch to our servers is encrypted in both directions.

Do I need internet access for SeizAlarm to work?

Yes, without internet access the app cannot send the notifications to emergency contacts. Emergency contacts will need their mobile phone on them to receive the call and alerts sent.

How close does the Apple Watch have to be to the iPhone for it to work?

If both devices are on the network via wi-fi then distance doesn’t matter, but if not the Watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to the iPhone which as a 30 ft. range.

Do you plan to add support for non-Apple phones in the future?

Android and Windows Phone devices are on our radar as far as providing the ability to request help and send warnings, but we do not plan to add seizure-like motion detection to those devices at this time. We want to first focus on iPhone and Apple Watch to fine tune and make it the best it can be before branching out to other devices.

Does SeizAlarm offer international support?

Yes we sure do! Just make sure to include a "+" along with your country code before the number (example: +441234567890). If you should have any issues with a number not working, let us know.

How much does the SeizAlarm alerting service cost?

There is no cost for the app, but there is a $6.99/month -similar cost to a fancy coffee drink- or $69.99/year (17% discount) subscription required for seizure detection and the help request service. Without the “ALERTS” subscription, users be able to log seizures manually but will not be able to send help requests.

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